Club Organisation

green002 Overall management of the Club is vested in a General Committee, supported by Menís Section and Ladiesí Section Committees. The General Committee is responsible for the whole of the management of the Club except in so far as such management has been specifically delegated to the respective Section Committees or other sub-Committees.

The Section Committees are responsible for all matters relating to the playing of the game of bowls by their Sections including (by way of example but not limitation) arranging fixtures, teams selection and conduct of players.

green003 There are at present sub-Committees reporting to the General Committee either directly or via one of the Section Committees with responsibility for:

Green and Rinks

General Maintenance

Bar Management

Catering and House Supplies

Committee Members

General Committee

green001 The President, Vice President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer plus the Captain and Hon. Secretary of, and one further nominee from, each of the Sections.

Section Committees

Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary, Fixtures Secretary,Tournament Secretary plus one additional member for each forty playing members of the Section. In addition the Menís Section shall include the Wednesday Captain.