Hollybush Parking Restrictions



Extract from Letter from SDC Chief Executive:


As you may be aware, the new arrangements are being implemented in response to requests from a number of organisations that use or are based at the recreation ground, for the Council to address the problem of long stay commuter and local worker parking at the recreation ground.


I was sorry to hear of the concerns over the potential detrimental effect that these arrangements could have to the bowls club and its members and guests. In responding to your concerns, it may be helpful to explain the way that these restrictions are intended to work, and the arrangements we are proposing to address long stay commuter and worker parking, to accommodate the needs of clubs and organisations at the recreation ground, while minimising disruption and complication.


Firstly, unless complaints are received or problems arise, there are no plans to carry out enforcement of vehicles exceeding the 4 hour maximum stay on weekends and in the evenings. If an organisation's staff, members and guests want to park for longer than 4 hours, for example for a match or a special event, they can notify the parking team of this in advance and we can suspend enforcement that day. Another option is that clubs can issue their own permits or badges to their members and guests, providing samples of these to the parking team, so the traffic wardens can then be asked not to enforce these vehicles when they park for longer than 4 hours. Out of bay yellow line will be enforced at all times, to ensure access to and from the parking areas.


Moving now to your helpful suggestion of signing times and days that these restrictions are in place.   As you may appreciate, these arrangements were designed in part in consideration of the responses received through the public consultation exercises carried out when the scheme was initially proposed, along with the views of our officers who are experienced in designing, implementing and operating parking controls in car parks and on street. The restrictions being implemented have to be those that were advertised and consulted on, so at  this stage  we  would  not  be  able  to  detail  different  times  for  enforcement.   We typically  review  new  schemes  within  6-12  months  of  implementation,  at  which time comments, suggestions and issues are considered as a part of the review process and suitable adjustments made when it  is appropriate  to do so.



Extract from e-mail from SDC Parking Services Manager:


I do not foresee any problems with the afternoon matches that start at 1.30 and end after 5, it is unlikely that we would carry out enforcement after this time unless we are asked to do so by the clubs.

Regards the grounds maintenance staff, if they have something in their windscreens showing they are with the club I am sure they will be all right.

In the unlikely event that tickets are issued in error we have the ability to cancel these, exceptions to this would be vehicles out of bay or using the blue badge bays without a blue badge.

I hope that this clarifies matters.