Are permitted subject to a maximum of thirty people using the green at any one time, with all rinks available for use.

There is no restriction on what equipment may be used and it is a matter of personal preference whether players share such things as mats and jacks or choose to use their own. In any event all equipment should be sanitised after play.

Changing rooms may be used with face covering and observance of social distancing. The clubhouse is open for a maximum of six people at once, again with face covering and observance of social distancing. Face coverings are not required on the green.

Organised Games

General considerations are the same as for roll-ups

All games to be played in greys, throughout the season.
Opposing team members should arrive dressed for play.
The bar may open but no other refreshments available at present.

Equipment for Organised Games

Two mats at each end plus two jacks per rink.
As far as possible to be handled by the respective leads only.
Pushers to be used by home team lead only.
Scoreboards to be maintained by designated member of home team.
Players should use only spray chalk and their own measures.
All equipment will be sanitised before and after play. Additionally, it is recommended that all players have their own personal sanitisers.