Bar Rota 2017

Week BeginningLeader
1st May3rd JulyD LewingtonD BanfieldB SimmonsR ColyerP Colyer
8th May10th JulyD HenningJ GillhamS GamwellsG McIlravey
15th May17th JulyJ TalbotT SeabrookR BrileyR AldredK Pearce
22nd May24th JulyR WynnJ BassettD HaywardG ArmourD Hacker
29th May31st JulyM McDonaldB AkeryM ChapmanM WardA Chase
5th June7th AugA CockfieldR EkinsJ BarnacleA WarnerM Maltby
12th June14th AugT RussellT PrinceK BateupR YorkM Curry
19th June21st AugB WilkinsonS MooreR BensonD BurginJ Gettens
26th June28th AugT DecoineG WaghornD MastersR HackettR Russell
Bar Manager:D Lewington
Deputy:R Ekins
Bar Times:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 6pm to 9:30pm
if no customers by 7pm close up and go home

Wednesdays. Team Leaders should check the Rink Diary and if a game is booked they should nominate someone for bar duty that Wednesday.

During the Sevenoaks League season the above rota does not apply on Friday nights and Marshall Cup nights. It is essential that, for every home game, each League Team Captain nominates someone for bar duty starting at 5:30pm

Each Tuesday the team on duty is responsible for cleaning the Gents changing room, the Clubhouse and the Visitors changing room

When using the bar, if only one bar steward is on duty please delay your departure until your fellow member has locked-up.