Allocation of Duties for Home Matches

All members playing in home matches are required to undertake a specific duty in order to spread the workload more evenly. The tasks are set out below in groups and allocations are shown on team selection sheets.

Group A

Arrive one hour before the match to check that rink numbers are on the correct marks and if not move them as appropriate. Hoist the Club flag and set out mats, jacks, scoreboards & pushers.

Ensure that the clubhouse is clean. Set up tables and chairs for meals and lay the tables as appropriate: full/standard meal = knives, forks and sideplates; tea & biscuit matches = sideplates and a plate of biscuits for each table.

Open the bar and serve drinks before the match.

Group B

Responsible for bar working after the match including serving drinks, collecting glasses, washing up and cashing up.

Group C

After speeches clear tables, wash up and put away crockery and cutlery. Clean tables. Leave kitchen clean and tidy.

Group D

After the match recover any equipment left on the green. Lower the flag and empty the litter bins. Put away tables and chairs, empty wastepaper bins and ensure clubhouse floor is clean.